our Suppliers & producers


Here is a small selection of the wonderful producers that we work with.

We are always on the look out for new suppliers. If you’re a local producer who would like to see your product on our shelves then please get in touch.


Suppliers list


Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Hill Farm Apple Juice.jpg

Hill Farm Apple Juice

Berry Brothers & Rudd


Cartmel Sticky Toffee 


Cheddar Gorge Company 

Arthur David – Fruit & Veg

The Garlic Farm.png

Garlic Farm Company 

Hobbsm House.png

Hobbs House Bakery

Winchester Distillery

Beechwood Eggs.png

Beechwood Eggs

Berkeley Farm Dairy.png

Berkeley Farm Dairy

Woodland Dairy 

Wilton Wholefoods.png

Wilton Wholefoods

Wiltshire Chilli Farm.png

Wiltshire Chilli Farm


Upton Smokery.png

Upton Smokery 

Atkins and Potts.png

Atkins and Potts

Fine Cheese Company


Tom’s Pies

Judes Ice-cream.png

Judes Ice-cream 

Handmade Scotch Egg Company 

Chunk of Devon.png

Chunk of Devon 

Truffle Hunter.png

Truffle Hunter 

Pippins Doughnuts 

West Berkshire Brew.png

West Berkshire Brew

Tutts Clump.png

Tutts Clump 

Summerdown Mints  

Wiltshire Liquor Company.png

Wiltshire Liquor Company