Plastic free self serve machines


Dispense to your hearts content at Cobbs Englefield

We are constantly reviewing how to reduce unneccessary food waste and plastic packaging in our farm shops and our fabulous self serve machine is one of the steps we have taken to become a more sustainable business.

We initially trialled our self serve machines at our newest shop, Cobbs at Englefield and are pleased to say that we quickly doubled the range available here and hope to see both Winchester and Hungerford with the same machines by the end of 2019.

Customers can help themselves to a range of seeds, nuts, cereals, rices, pulses and popping corn - guilt-free of using plastic! We offer paper bags to dispense in or customers are welcome to bring in their own containers. You dispense the amount you need, plastic free with very little food waste which means no more stale cereal in your kitchen cupboards!

Katie Westwood